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Brittany Oat, CEO bSocial Strategy

Brittany Oat is an award winning social expert, dedicated to developing digital marketing strategies that get results. She’s passionate about using social media to tell stories and help clients achieve their goals.

In 2012, Brittany founded bSocial Strategy with the goal of helping both nonprofit organizations and businesses leverage social media. She is known for her ability to grow thriving social media communities using edgy content and targeted advertising. She has a genuine passion for digital marketing and social media, and is continuously coming up with innovative ideas that push the barriers of this ever-changing industry. Brittany received the 2012 Mercury Award from PRSA for her creation of a viral video for a client, and was the winner of the Fox News Channel Challenge in 2007.

Brittany also enjoys traveling internationally and speaking at conferences about digital marketing strategy and the power of social media.

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Social Media is about knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they love.

- Brittany Oat, CEO